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Smelly Golf Shoes

These shoes have a nasty stank that settles around them when you are not using them, the end of these shoes is likewise really deodorize your golf shoes with this eliminator.

Cheap Smelly Golf Shoes

These shoes smell really bad! They have a nice and stinky smell to them, if you are in the market for a new deodorizing tool, these shoes should be on your list! This particular pair of shoes also have a really bad odor too, but that is different. These shoes smell really bad, i've tried everything to wash them and apply shampoo and conditioner, but it doesn't seem to be working. I've also tried using the oven and microwave, but that doesn't seem to do anything, what could i do to fix these shoes? These shoes are Smelly because of the stank and ooze of sweat. They're also ethereal because they've got a powerful odor eliminator, these shoes have those stinky stix sticking out of them like they are stinking up the place. If you're in a bad mood today, you can't help but smell bad.