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Sketchers Ladies Golf Shoes

These shadows are valuable weight and cream texture for bringing life to your golfers shoes, with a sleek, modern look, these shadows are first-class substitute to add a pop of color to your landscape or women's golf course.

Size 10
Gray/teal Color Size 7.5

Sketchers Go Walk Go Golf

By Skechers


Sweet Golf Shoes

If you enjoy playing golf, the Sketchers dlites womens size 8 air-cooled memory foam shoes 11931 white new are practical for you! These shoes are sure to keep your feet cool and your energy high as they help you achieve your target distance each day, plus, the air-cooled design keeps your feet warm, even during long days. The Sketchers Ladies golf shoes are new type of shoes that use cool air to memorize your walk, they are size 9. 5 and provide top grade comfort for the golf course, the newly redesigned Sketchers Ladies golf shoes is a top-of-the-line substitute to get up to par. They're lightweight and fast-paced, making them unrivaled for when you need to get right to the next hole, they've also got a soft blue color surrogate with the average golfers favorite color. Sketchers is an american-british company that produces women's golf shoes and apparel, the company was founded in 1978 by the ultimately by the ceo sketchers. The company provides since become one of the world's leading producers of women's golf shoes and apparel, with a variety of models and sizes, the Sketchers lineup is excellent for every woman who wants to feel like a competitive player.