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Footjoy Contour Boa Golf Shoes

Footjoy is a company that makes taking care of your feet a main focus. They know how to make a pair of contour golf shoes that will take care of your feet for good. The shoes are a medium color and are designed to give your feet the best performance. They include a boa system to keep your feet comfortable and help with reflexology treatment on your feet.

Black 54197 Leather Waterproof Size 8.5 M
Footjoy Contour Fit BOA Soft Spike Golf Shoes, #55255 White Red Size 9.5 M
~ 54055 ~ Boa Lacing System ~ Men Sz  8 M

Footjoy™ ~ Contour Series Golf

By FootJoy Contour


FootJoy Contour Fit Men's Golf Shoe UK 9,5 Incl. Boa New
- Black/charcoal - 15m

Footjoy Contour Boa Golf Shoes Walmart

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Top 10 Footjoy Contour Boa Golf Shoes

The footjoy contour series golf shoes offer a unique boa lacing system that provides a snug fit every time. They are perfect for those looking for a true contour golf shoe. The shoes are built with a new, patented design that provides superior strength and durability. These shoes are sure to provide you with the power you need to take on any golf flights. the footjoy contour boa golf shoes are a great pair of shoes to have if you want a shoe that will help you achieve a good fit and provide you with the footboard you desire. The shoes are made from a synthetic sole that looks good andproperties as a shoe through time've. The footjoy contour boa golf shoes are from the line up of footjoy contour fit golf shoes and as always is what you need to give you the best possible experience when it comes to shoes. these footjoy contour boa golf shoes are the perfect fit for your specific feet. They are soft boa fabric with a hard spike rating of 55255 white red. They are a 9. 5 size and are made in the us. the footjoy contour series is a series of golf shoes designed to provide a contoured look on the feet. The shoes are made to be more comfortable and to provide a more achieving contour on the feet. The shoes are available in a mens size 11m and have a 54055 boa lacing system.